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The Red Jackets Jazzband was founded in 2009 in jazz city Bergen op Zoom and makes real street jazz in all its flavors: From the well-known traditionals of the early 20th century, via the blues to the newer Rebirth classics of the second half of the last century. All these authentic New Orleans styles have one thing in common: making music is about all about its joy. Of course, as a band, you don’t enjoy the music alone, but with the entire audience. You don’t have to be a jazz lover to be convinced of the power of this timeless music.

With an authentic street parade rhythm section at its core with the indispensable sound of the washboard and the banjo, the Red Jackets Jazzband brings the music to and between people on the street, exactly where it originally came from and where it belongs.

Dressed in the well known red jackets, the band and its members have earned their spurs on the street and is a frequently asked part of the line-ups of (inter) national Jazz festivals. With representatives from several generations, the orchestra is a successful combination of youthful enthusiasm and experienced musicians: good music, a dose of enthusiasm and unpredictability!


  • Trumpet - Jelle Mens
  • Trumpet - Carlo van Elsakker
  • Trombone - Han Huve
  • Saxophone - Peter Poppelaars
  • Clarinet - Johan Luijks
  • Sousaphone - Ben Spoor
  • Banjo - Wilfried Vanwesenbeeck
  • Washboard - Peter Maas
  • Snare Drum - Wouter Suykerbuyk
  • Bass Drum - Niels Vos

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